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Sunday 26 February 2012

Bad Cat Solutions: The Drain Claw Giveaway!

One thing that really makes me sick to my stomach, is when I have to clean out the bathtub drain. Doesn't matter how often I wash the tub, or how much I brush my hair, the drain always seems to get clogged with hair.  I notice this even more since my gastric bypass surgery, as my hair has been falling out... it's one of the horrible side effects. Nothing worse then getting down on your hands and knees on my day off, with a pair of tweezers picking the hair out of the drain. Thanks to the company Bad Cat Solutions: the Drain Claw, that has come to my rescue!

This little tool comes in a clear little Ziploc bag, which doesn't take up any room when it comes to storage. Toss it under the sink, or in your cleaning closet if you have one, and easily bring it out when it's needed. It comes with full instructions, although none are really needed. This cute little tool looks like a mascara wand attached to a cord. Much cheaper then calling a plumber, safer then using harsh chemicals, cheaper then both, and much better then using tweezers to clean the drain!

"The #1 culprit for slow or clogged bath drains is hair. The Drain Claw is the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove hair from the tub, shower and sink drains."

"It's more than just a hair hook...
The Drain Claw can be pushed into the sink trap to dislodge clogs like a mini-rod."

Now the only complaint I have... is having to remove the disgusting hair once it's attached to the Drain Claw! Yes I know, I'm picky... and sometimes have a weak stomach.

Wondering where you can get your own Drain Claw? Click here to purchase yours today (1 = $6.99, or 3 = $14.99).

Thanks to Bad Cat Solutions, one lucky person will get a chance to win their own Drain Claw! You must be a resident of Canada or the USA to qualify.

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