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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Tuesday Update!

Well I still haven't found my keys, nor has the super changed my lock... I'm not impressed. Normally it takes half a dozen requests before he actually does anything in this building. I have mixed feelings about my super!

Well, dinner is in the oven cooking, and it smells yummy. I'm cooking my first whole chicken... and I'm so excited. Yes, I know I'm a nerd for this being the first one, but hey gotta start from somewhere. I rubbed cream cheese, margarine, garlic, and rosemary under the skin, and some olive oil and salt and pepper on the outside. Shoved a lemon up inside, and tied the legs together. Drizzled olive oil on some potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and brussel sprouts... with garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Mmmm... smells amazing. I will post the recipe on my Kimmie's Fav. Recipes later!

Today I had a doctors appointment, and was almost late for it since I couldn't lock the door without my keys. She said that I look great, and that I've lost 10Lbs since the last time she saw me... which made me feel good. I keep standing on the scale, and it doesn't seem to be moving. I know the biggest mistake is to stand on it daily... it's a bad habit of mine.

The Dr put me on vitamin D injections, and renewed all my other med's for three more months. She's put me on a breakfast diet of Astro lactose free Biobest yogurt (4oz), and half a banana daily. I'm supposed to see her in two weeks to give her an update on my bowels with the yogurt! I have to say that the Astro lactose free Biobest tastes terrible! It's got the consistency of cottage cheese... the texture is what really gets to me. She suggested adding a little homemade apple sauce if I have a hard time getting it down... so that I will have to try!

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