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Sunday 22 January 2012

Thinspiration Sunday Blog Hop

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Join me for Thinspiration Sunday's and create your own weight loss post to help inspire you to keep on track. It can be photos, poetry, recipes, or a diet tip. Make sure to have fun, and good luck!

Today's weigh in: 184Lbs

So I haven't lost any weight since last week... boo that sucks! I've been eating healthy, and feel amazing. I'm making a huge effort of trying to get the required protein, and eating half a dozen times daily. My sugar hasn't dropped like it was in the past, which is a huge accomplishment. I still have to introduce more exercise into my daily routine, and looking for some fitness companies to work with... I will keep you all posted on that.
Now for some thinspirational photos... have a great week, and stay healthy.

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