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Monday 16 January 2012

Lust Erotic Fantasies for Women: Book of Short Erotic Stories!

I'm someone who enjoys reading a book that's filled with short stories, over an actual novel. I just can't seem to concentrate on anything more then that, as I tend to lose interest too fast. I came across an interesting book called: Lust Erotic Fantasies for Women, that's edited by Violet Blue. It's a collection of fantasy stories, that are geared for a woman. The book isn't too big in size, as it only has 179 pages. The book has a total of 17 erotic stories in total, and a table and contents to help you navigate through them.

Some of the stories are:
Golden Hand
Ripe Fruit
Sixth Sense
Coffee Shop Boy

... and so much more!

Interested in an erotic book that you can read solo, or read out loud to your partner? Interested in picking up a great erotic book filled with stories, but geared towards a female, then this book would be a hit. Swing by and grab yours today!

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