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Monday 16 January 2012

Good Vibrations: Door Jam Cuffs ~ Get all tied up!

Are you looking for something to add a little spice in your relationship? Are you looking for something that can easily be tossed in your luggage for travelling, and introduce you into the world of BDSM? I'm not much for BDSM, but I do like to add some spice in my life. I recently came across a product on the Good Vibrations website, for Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs. These are a small item that can easily be stored away in a drawer, and be brought out for some hardcore romance.

Must be 18+ to continue

The door jam cuffs are just that... they fit over the top of the door, and once you close the door, it jams them enough for you to handcuff someone to the door. Sounds like fun? You bet! They should fit almost any door that closes, as long as it's not a sliding door. 

What comes included:
Black fleece cuffs with Velcro, nylon straps, and plastic tubing. Set of two cuffs. Strap Length: 8” (20.3cm), Cuff Length: 10” (25.4cm), Cuff Width: 2” (5.1cm).

 Have I peaked your interest? Wanna grab a set for yourself? Click here to get yours today!

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