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Tuesday 3 January 2012

Day 1: New Year Healthy Eating

Today is my official day one of my healthy eating once again. I've been eating healthy for the last year, but as of today I've become more strict with it being the new year. So far just one day of a morning protein shake, an afternoon salad, and kale veggie soup, has my bowels going crazy. Talk about pure laxative, as if you needed to know that! I just keep telling myself, I'm shitting away the pounds! Ya right!

For breakfast I had my Optifast, which was left over from before my gastric bypass surgery. I have about a months worth of protein shakes for breakfast, so that is good for on the go. I just made a pot of soup which have little to no calories, and it's all healthy ruff-age. My fiance just came home with a chicken sandwich, and I stole a couple bites from it. Dammit... I realized after I swallowed it that there were sesame seeds on the bun, which means I will probably vomit it up shortly. Shame on him for bringing home crap in the first place... grrr!

Day one is almost over, and hopefully tomorrow will be easier! Good night everyone...ttyl!

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