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Tuesday 20 December 2011

Empower Sanitary Napkins: Empower Yourself to Feel Better!

For many years I've suffered from PCOS, and have had a hard time when it comes to my monthly cycle. For years I was never regular, and hemorrhaged when it was my time of the month. I've tried many products out there, several sanitary napkin brands, a few tampon brands, etc. The only product that I used to use was the Always 14+ pads, but found after a couple days I would end up with a rash similar to diaper rash. Finally after many years of pain, and suffering, I came across an amazing feminine product brand called Empower. Empower's velvety soft pads combine breakthrough odor free, breathable and absorbent technologies to give you that healthy fresh feeling all day long.

Now a breakthrough invention that can help every woman be more comfortable during her special time of the month. Negative Ion technology now in a sanitary napkin.

What are Negative Ions? 
Think of about things that make you feel good - being outdoors in the sun, watching waves crash on the beach, being near a waterfall, breathing fresh mountain air, being outside after a thunder storm and cozying up to a fireplace when its cold outside. Why do these wonderful experiences keep you coming back for more? It’s due to the fact that negative ions, also called anions, are negatively charged molecules abundant in nature. They are odorless, tasteless, and colorless and have the ability to absorb micro-particles from the air such as viruses, dust, and bacteria. Your body naturally knows this. Negative Ions are so essential to health and wellbeing that people have called them everything from the “air vitamin,” to the “air scavenger.” The higher the numbers of anions present, the better the health benefit. The positive contribution of anions in healthcare is so great that we have added anions to our line of sanitary napkins.

What to look for in a sanitary napkin?
Choose a pad that is made from light, breathable, hypoallergenic materials. Allergens, dirt and materials that do not permit airflow, often cause skin irritation. Beginning with a good base material is crucial to reducing these issues. Consider the style and size. Choose a pad that is appropriate for your body size and type. Look for a pad with a high absorption rate that also has the ability to lock in moisture. Make sure that there is sufficient adhesive on the pad. “Winged” pads are a plus because they are designed to ensure less slippage during especially busy days. Look for a pad that offers the newest technology and odor control without scent or perfumes. The industry is changing, take advantage of it!

I was sent a box filled with all three variety of Empower pads: Ultra-thin Day Pad, Ultra-thin Night Pad, and Ultra-thin Pantyliner. I'm amazed at the quality of the products, as they are so incredibly thin, yet they are better then any other pad I've tried in the past. Just because they are thin, doesn't mean that they're not strong enough... far from it. I'm used to wearing thick pads that felt like I was wearing a diaper, since I used to flow so much. These pads are almost paper thin, yet they hold more than those diaper feeling pads. After wearing the pads for a few days, there were no signs of a rash, nor were there any leaks. I could actually wear their pads and do yoga without any worries. These truly are the greatest feminine napkins that I've tried to date, and will continue to purchase this brand for years to come. 

Interested in trying them out? They offer a free trial package, just pay shipping! The bigger shipment you make, the more you pay per package... which is an excellent way to save.

I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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