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Monday 5 December 2011

Early Week Update!

Hey everyone... happy Monday morning! The last few days I haven't really posted anything personal, so I figured today I will fill you in on some stuff. I was at moms Friday night, so was a little late posting the links for the giveaways on the side of my blog. Sorry about that, but they're up to date now! I was originally going to go over to mom and grandma's place to cook dinner and test out a recipe for Christmas eve, but ended up going to my aunts and staying longer then expected. We were going to put up the Christmas tree Saturday, but that didn't end up happening!

Saturday night my cutie and I attempted Yorkdale mall, as Shoppers Drug Mart was having a big redeem your points event. Lets just say I drove my fiance nuts in the store, as there were too many people and I took forever to make up about $250 worth of stocking stuffers and gifts! In the end I got everything I was planning on getting, and most of it is wrapped and ready to go. The only thing I forgot... need more scotch tape, as I ran out and have bags of stuff to finish wrapping!

Yesterday my fiance moved in my apartment... it's about time! His brother and mom came to help out a bit. I'm still in the process of unpacking his clothing... I didn't want him to do it because I like things my way! I rearranged furniture in my bedroom, as Saturday night people were moving out and left some awesome furniture behind. I grabbed a dresser that matches my furniture set... can't believe someone would get rid of it, as it's solid wood. It has a few marks on it, but nothing that some cherry wood finish can't fix. Plus eventually if I really need to, can always sand it down and refinish it. I love the beginning of every month... there's always some treasures downstairs that people leave behind!

Now for a health update... I've been cooking a bit since he moved in yesterday. I have to try and make an effort to actually eat. I have a bad habit of going hours and not eating, which makes me sick and blood sugar level drop. Maybe now that he will be living here, I will actually eat on a regular basis. Before when I lived on my own, it was like why cook when it's only me. Hopefully over the next little while I will get my health under control, so I can get back to work for the new year.

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