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Thursday 17 November 2011

Update on my Holiday Event!

I finally got my holiday event more organized and listed everything under a Google Spreadsheet, so I can check mark everything as I go. Finally laid everything out and will start taking more photos of everything, preparation for my product reviews. It's just two weeks away my holiday event, and I'm excited! Here's a picture which is a little teaser of what's to come! Yes I know it's blurry... I don't want to give anything away yet!

If you're interested in joining in the fun of the event and participating, well you better hurry up it starts December 1st!

1 comment :

  1. Looks likes lots of good stuff! I have been doing my gift guide all month...I am glad I am on the last few is a lot of work.

    Thanks for joining us yesterday for the bloghop! :)


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