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Monday 5 September 2011

Long Weekend Medical Update

The last couple days have been quite rough for me, and haven't been online much. You can tell I'm not feeling well, when I haven't been blogging. Normally if I'm feeling anxious, I come online and blog about it. Well, I've been feeling so anxious it's at the point I couldn't even sit at the computer. I'm finding it incredibly hard coming off Cymbalta, it's a real nightmare. The withdrawal symptoms are crazy, and I've been feeling like I'm going to have a panic attack.

Tomorrow I see my psychiatrist, as well as go from 30mg of Cymbalta to 15mg. So tomorrow won't be the greatest day! I'm already feeling like crap going from 60mg to 30mg of Cymbalta. Next week when I'm completely off it, I will be so sick. I have quite a few product reviews to write in the coming days, I haven't forgotten about them. I will update you all tomorrow as to how I'm feeling, and what the doctor says.

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