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Monday 4 July 2011

Just Sling it: Door Jam Sex Sling!

If you're looking to add to your bedroom arsenal, the Door Jam Sex Sling may be the next piece for you. With its quality design and no installation required, this sling will be ready when you are. Adjustable for the perfect fit to create any mind blowing experience, this door sling is also easy to travel with. Made from the highest quality material, this sling will be sure to please and spice up any occasion. The sky truly is the limit; so be as kinky as you want to be!


One thing that is nice right off the bat is that the box shows several different ways to use the door sling, as well as, instructional photos as to how one would place the sling onto a door and adjust the straps for perfect positioning. My fiance and I liked this because the photos quickly show what this product is capable of so you’re not left scratching your head after pulling it out of the box! Another nice feature is that there is no installation required! All you will have to do is pull it out and strap it to the door!

Lets take a moment and go over some warnings. To begin, this sling supports up to 325 lbs., but one thing to keep in mind is that even though the sling supports up to that amount, the door of your choice might not! That is why it is important to test the weight capacity of the door before actually using this product because some doors may be unable to support any weight. Also the sling should be placed only on the outward-opening side of the door. If it is positioned improperly, the sling may cause injury. If possible, also make sure to lock the door for safely. One final warning is that until you know everything will be supported, placing a cushion under the sling could prevent injury. The main thing is that common sense will go a long way.

With all warnings covered, let’s move to the actual sling! After a quick tug on the nylon straps, I knew that this door sling was constructed with quality in mind. These straps are not made of just OK or mediocre nylon, but some of the highest quality nylon straps that you will find. At the top of two straps, you will find 2 small bars that are about 3 inches long. Those two bars secure the placing of the straps over the door by hanging them over the top and shutting the door. There are also heavy duty plastic strap locks that allow the straps to be adjusted for the perfect position by simply pulling them into position. Next are two hand straps, with rubber tubing grips for comfort, that extend from the two main nylon straps that attach to the door. Those two main straps are then connected to the padded seat in which one partner can be placed. As for the seat, it is really padded nicely and comfortably with a black material. Overall, the seat is about 7-8 inches in width and probably a 1 ½ feet across. There are also two foot straps extending from the main door straps. Those are placed in a way that can be not only comfortable and supportive, but also can give that extra boost of leverage to take your experience to a whole new level! Last but not least, since this product requires no installation, this is designed perfectly for travel! Just imagine the possibilities when taking the Door Jam Sex Sling on your next over night stay!

Just be advised that after several uses, you may be able to see the indentions from the two small bars in the door or door frame. We noticed two very small indentions, but we place the sling in the same spot of the door every time. With that being said, they really are not that noticeable.

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