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Tuesday 26 July 2011

How to Use Herbs for Fertility

If you have decided to start a family and it's taking longer than you expected, you may want to turn to natural remedies to boost fertility and get pregnant. There are a number of herbs that you can take to optimize your menstrual cycle, regulate your hormones and prepare your body for childbearing. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to use herbs for fertility.

  • Sage The use of sage as a fertility drug dates back to ancient Egypt. The herb can be consumed orally by eating the dried leaves. Alternatively you can use its essential oils, use a liquid extract or use it in spray form.
  • Chaste tree berry The fruit of the chaste tree -- also commonly known as vitex or monk's pepper -- is known to help some types of infertility. This herb helps regulate hormones to promote regular ovulation (irregular ovulation may be the cause of infertility in some women). The chasteberry can be taken in liquid or solid extract form.
  • Licorice root A staple of traditional Chinese medicine, licorice root has many benefits that can increase a woman's chances of getting pregnant. The root normalizes and regulates hormone levels, which can promote pregnancy and boost immunity. It can be ingested in many forms, including powder, tablets, capsules and liquid extract.

Keep in mind that just because herbs are natural doesn't mean that they cannot have hazardous side effects. When not taken properly, herbs can cause abnormal heartbeats, kidney and liver damage and hypertension. Consult with a trained physician before taking herbs to promote health.

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