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Tuesday 12 July 2011

Food Matters….Really it Does!

Food Matters…really, it does!

It occurred to me that so many people are suffering and don’t even realize it!

Take for example, the phrase we have heard for years and years, ‘you are what you eat’. Now, for some reason that simple phrase seems to elude the majority of people, why? Because it would mean that whatever happens to our bodies, both visually and physically, is 100% our responsibility…that we created what we have, due to what we have been eating!

And THAT my friends, can be too much for people to handle. We live in a world full of quick fixes, a pill for every ill, a reason, cause, ‘but it’s not my fault’ for every situation in our lives. But the truth lies in the mirror; when you look there is only you, and where ever you go, and whatever you do, there is still only you.

Take a look at the movie “Food Matters” (click on the link for the movie), an incredible documentary about how the toxins in our environment and the lack of vitamins and minerals in our food supply have led to the decline in our state of health in North America. And after the 80 minutes movie is done, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who still don’t link food and toxins to obesity and disease. It’s like these two things happen ‘without cause’!

I urge every one of you to watch this documentary, and see for yourself. Although I love my soap-box, sometimes it’s nice to let someone else take the helm for a moment or two

In good health!

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