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Wednesday 20 July 2011

Add Some Romance With Eden Fantasys!

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Unless you are a newly wed or in a brand new relationship, it’s sometimes very difficult to be romantic with your significant other on a regular basis. We just don’t have the time, we’re tired, or don’t think about it because everything else in life...  work, and family obligations just seem to get in the way. However, romance is what keeps a relationship fresh and exciting... that’s where Eden fantasys comes in.

Eden fantasys is a website full of romantic things for you and your partner. Some are naughty, but all are fun! One of my favorite items, is the candle that can also be used as message oil. I previously reviewed Afterglow Special Edition Massage Candle, by JimmyJane. Still to this day I'm loving the aroma, and the silky smoothness of the oil. I'm amazed at how long it has lasted, and will purchase another one once it runs dry. My fiance keeps hinting every time he's over for me to light the candle, and give him a massage. I think since I got this item, he's become spoiled! I still have yet to experience a massage from him using this candle! Hun, if you're reading this... hint! hint!

Eden Fantasys always seem to help add a some extra spice into my world... let it add some to yours!


  1. This massage candle looks interesting! I may have to check it out. I love Eden Fantasys especially their Silky Sheets Spray! It works great.

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