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Friday 27 May 2011

Who is My Shelter? - Book Review!

Neta Jackson has written the fourth installment to her Yada Yada House of Hope novel, "Who is my Shelter?" Readers will continue on life's journey with Gabby, the main character of the series.

The first installment of the series jumped off with connecting the reader to Gabby and ended on a shocking note, which caused readers to delve deeper into Gabby's story. This book is gripping, redeeming and exhilerating, as all of Neta Jackson's books are.

Here, we see Gabby's wayward husband coming back to Gabby desiring reconciliation and the awefully hard choices that Gabby faces as a result of this new desire from the husband who kicked her out.

Gabby seeks solice from God and finds his blessing her in the House of Hope in ways she didn't expect. The series really captures the life of Gabby and brings the reader along desiring God's best for her and her children.

This was a good read and if you are a Neta Jackson fan, I reccomend you get this book because it is well worth the read. It is a much better ending than first book and wraps the story up very well.

What will happen? Will she reconcile with her husband? Will she find that her true shelter is in God and no one or nothing else? Get the book and find out!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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