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Sunday 29 May 2011

Thinspiration Sunday Blog Hop!

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Join me for Thinspiration Sunday's and create your own weight loss post to help inspire you to keep on track. It can be photos, poetry, recipes, or a diet tip. Make sure to have fun, and good luck!

Today's weigh in: 224Lbs

The weight seems to be dropping slowly, but I'm walking and actually eating. I've been sick this past week... not sure if it's really bad allergies or a cold. I dunno, I feel like shit! Anyway, it's time for some thinspirational pics! Have a great week all and good luck on your weightloss journey... stay strong and don't give up. Gotta give credit to my friend over at Let's Do This... she always lifts my spirit when I'm down. Go check her out... she has great inspirational and thinspirational pics.

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  1. These photos are brilliant to be sure - amazing models, gorgeous photography skills, fancy fashions....but I don't think it's something you should be striving for. These models look anorexic!

    Look around you for inspiration rather than at magazine and model photos!

    I'm a stickler for the Dove Campaign for Beauty - and it pretty much says just this - you're beautiful on the inside....the packaging is extra.

    I support you on your weight loss journey fully - God knows I can lose about 30 pounds at least too - but do it in a healthy manner and set realistic goals.

  2. Awesome blog and very well posted. Weight loss is getting a challenge for everyone as it is getting difficult to work out regularly and eating proper in our busy schedules.


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