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Friday 6 May 2011

Things I've Learned So Far Since Gastric Bypass

It's been over two months since my gastric bypass surgery, and I'm doing quite well. There's a few things that I've learned so far, and they are...
1. Don't eat anything too cold or hot, or pain will set in.
2. Bread just doesn't agree with me.
3. I only feel hunger pains when I'm getting dehydrated.
4. When the dietitian says soda will bother your stomach, they really meant it!
5. Salad gives me gas... need I say more?!
6. Make sure to chew everything until it's liquefied, or may experience dumping syndrome.
7. The texture of powdered protein shakes make me vomit.
8. Stay away from nuts and seeds or you'll be in pain and shitting for days.

9. There's no point in eating out, you'll just feel embarrassed being fat and not really touching much of your meal (only 1/2 - 3/4 cup).
10. Cooking spray like Pam is my new best friend... oil and margarine bothers my stomach.
11. Read ALL food labels.
12. Juice even 100% juice is too high in sugar... will cause dumping syndrome.
13. Salmon is too fatty of a fish. My friend learned the hard way.
14. Eat your protein first in case you get full.
15. Don't eat anything fried.
16. Don't eat anything more then 5% fat and 10g of sugar... will have dumping syndrome.
17. If you don't take the required vitamins or get at least 60g of protein, your hair will fall out.
18. No matter what, you're gonna have hanging skin. Be prepared to save $$ for plastic surgery after.
19. All medicine must be crushed or in liquid form.
20. Gastric bypass surgery is just a tool... it's still major work and a lifestyle change.

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