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Sunday 1 May 2011

So Proud of Myself!

Why am I awake at 7am on a Sunday morning? I must be crazy! Just kidding. I woke up to go pee and then was laying in bed thinking about what I have to get done before going back to work. I have a conference call with work to discuss my gradual return to work. I'm can't wait to work out a schedule and get back to the real world. I'm sick of being a prisoner in my home... agoraphobia is a terrible anxiety to recover from and manage.

I have to say I'm incredibly proud of myself. Yesterday I ventured out of my home and took a bus to my friend's house. It's been years since I've hopped on a bus like that and went on my own. Sounds simple to the normal person, but someone who suffers from anxiety this could be a total nightmare. For the first time... it was easy. I even decided to take every set of stairs instead of escalators! I feel a weight has been lifted from my shoulders... and I'm so proud of myself.

Since I went out fairly early and didn't get home until late at night, I didn't post my weekend blog hop. I will go ahead and get that set up and have it running all week long. I hope everyone is having a good weekend!

All the best,

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  1. Three cheers for you! Way to go Girl.

  2. Way to go! The first step is always the hardest - keep on looking forward and never look back !


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