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Sunday 3 April 2011


Why am I awake at this hour? It's Sunday... as if I'm working and I notice it's a weekend! I've been awake since 6am, and I'm getting tired. Wow... awake early enough for McDondalds breakfast, yet I no longer eat that kind of food!

Life since surgery has gotten easier, and I'm able to eat some normal food. I'm finally getting the required daily protein, so I no longer have to worry about losing a lot of hair. If only the hair loss worked for other parts of the body... then life would be perfect! I haven't lost any extra weight this week, so I'm a little sad... but hey, I'm actually eating FOOD! I'm measuring my portions to monitor portion control, and staying away from anything fattening. I tried fish, and had no problem, as well as a chickpea salad... mmm!

I notice that if I don't drink enough liquid throughout the day, I get hungry. Grrr... I was hoping I would never have hunger pains again. I do notice that when I eat something high in protein, I'm not hungry again for hours! Now I must focus on getting my ass outside and moving. My anxiety is still a constant struggle, but if I want to continue to lose weight I have to overcome my fear. Now it's common sense... burn calories, and take in very little calories and fat... equaling weight loss. Oh Lord... wish me luck!

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  1. One day at a time Kimberly . . . it is all such a struggle, both fighting through the anxiety and losing weight, but you can do it.

    Maybe you can inspire me to get my fat ass back into shape!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend . . . Gina


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