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Monday 11 April 2011

Pup Light: The Greatest Invention!

About PupLight®

PupLight is constructed to serve as a rugged, water-resistant safety device, which features three ultra-bright, white, wide-angle, LED beams of light that shine several yards ahead. With three AAA batteries, PupLight is an affordable safety device priced at $19.95, and comes with a two-piece, adjustable band, which easily slips over the dog’s head, snaps on, or it can be attached to an existing collar or harness. PupLight also comes with a fur guard for dogs with longer hair, and the device can be adjusted up or down to provide the best visibility for dogs of all sizes. Besides it’s obvious safety benefits, PupLight makes it easier to find a dog when outside after dark, assists in “cleaning up” after pets in the dark, helps scare off wild animals such as coyotes, and assists older dogs, as well as dogs with failing vision. For more information about PupLight, visit, or call 1-866-PupLight (787-5444).


Available in Silver, Blue, Red, and Black!

The United States Secret Service has been using PupLight on their dogs since 2006!
Endorsed by the American Canine Association, AKC, National Pet Sitters Association, and Pet Weekly!

The PupLight has proven itself to be a wonderful product! The potentially life saving dog device was created with safety in mind and is perfect for dogs and their owners. This durable device is made of polycarbonate plastic and nylon and comes with an adjustable light plus it’s lightweight (2.5 ounces). The PupLight is powered by three triple A batteries which last as long as 150 hours.

The PupLight’s three Ultra-Bright LED lights clearly lights up pathways on both the front and side of the dog and walker. The center LED light allows dogs too see up to 200 feet in front and the other two LED lights illuminate up to 70 feet on each side. Before using PupLight I was afraid to walk Dupont at night. PupLight has been such a blessing to have. I really can’t say enough positive things about this product.

Their's so many benefits to owning a PupLight. I live near a densely wooded area and park and the PupLight’s powerful LED lights acts as a deterrent to many wild animals. I am also thankful that I can safely walk Dupont at night without having to carry a flashlight. PupLight’s ultra-bright LED lights are so bright they can be spotted up to three blocks aways and I don’t have to worry about tripping or getting hurt.

The bright LED lights also alert other dog owners of our presence. Dupont gets along with most dogs, and PupLight makes us clearly visible to other dog walkers so they can avoid us. Using the PupLight on Dupont has also given me peace of mind. Every now and then, Dupont likes to wander around our local park, and head home on his own. With the PupLight, I know he will be visible to traffic and the ultra-bright LED lights will make it a lot easier for my family and I to locate Dupont if and when he does run off.

Speaking of lights, there is no need to worry about rain or bad weather damaging the PupLight…it’s waterproof! The great thing about PupLight is that it’s adjustable and fits any size dog. The Puplight can be used just about anywhere and also works great as a flashlight if needed. In my opinion, the PupLight is a ‘must have’ pet product for dogs and their owners.

Highly Recommended!
The Puplight can be purchased for Petco or click here to locate pet product retailers across the U.S. or internationally. You can also purchase PupLight online! Click here for a list of online retailers.
The PupLight can also be purchased online at for only $19.95!
Disclaimer: I received the PupLight in red at no cost to me to facilitate in this review. I received no other form of compensation, monetary or otherwise, for writing this post. All opinions mentioned in this post are 100% mine, your opinions may differ.

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