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Monday 18 April 2011

Monday Update

Last night I realised that I ran out of my Seroquel and found myself in a bit of a manic state. I wasn't able to sleep at all last night, and was busy cleaning out my front closet at 4:30am. At the moment I feel on edge... not like my normal self. I feel like my skin is crawling... that I could jump out of my skin. I have no repeats left and I'm not able to get a refill until next Monday. I pray that the pharmacist will help me out, as I'm losing my mind.

Today I see my surgeon for the first time since my surgery. I think I'm doing quite good... and can't wait to see more of the weight come off. It should go faster once I get into an exercise routine. Hopefully I'll be back to work in the next couple weeks, and the walk there and back will kick me into gear. I'm also going to join the 24hr gym down the street. I hope that I still get discount through my work... so I can't wait to look into that.

Going to moms tonight since I have to get my meds and want to get an outfit altered by a women in their building. My bf's mom brought back a nice Indian outfit when she visited India last summer... it is now too big and I want to have it taken in so I can wear it to a party this Friday. It's nice to finally see my clothes getting too big, and trying on stuff I haven't worn for years. I'm looking forward to the day when I can walk into a regular store and buy clothes... no more fat people stores.

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  1. Maybe, you can call your doc to get your med filled. Serquel can cause some bad withdrawls when stopped abruptly.


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