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Monday 21 February 2011

Say A Prayer For My Friend

Do you ever get that feeling that you know something isn't right? I had that feeling the last few weeks since I wasn't able to get in touch with one of my close friends. She finally called me this evening, and I was so sad to find out the stress she has been going through. I was getting worried... it's not like her to not call back. She had gotten married two months ago, and she told me the bad news that her husband... soon to be ex, turned out just like my ex husband.

I had tears in my eyes hearing all the details... I know exactly how she feels, and no woman should have to put up with abuse from a man. I feel so sad that she's depressed and feels all alone... I know it too well. It's time for me to get over my anxiety and try to be there for her, and say a prayer.

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  1. Hi Kimberly, I know the stress your friend must feel as well I know the position you are in. I am praying for you both :)



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