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Wednesday 17 November 2010


It definitely feels like fall weather today. It's gloomy, rainy and cold outside... perfect for sleeping in! Ah, I tried to sleep in but someone else had another plan for me. Thanks to my mom, I am now awake. I ignored the phone at first, but something told me to call her back. So I picked up my cell and dialed... she said she got a call from the hospital, but no one at her place answered the phone on time. Hmmm... who would be calling from the hospital?! She was making sure I was okay, and that it wasn't someone calling from emergency.

She called and asked... listed a bunch of close relatives, and everything seems fine. Very weird... I wonder what it was? So now I'm awake and in a sleepy mood. I have quite a few reviews to work on, but I'm just so tired at the moment.  My bed and pillow seem to be calling my name!

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