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Saturday 6 November 2010

Pizza Pizza Just Lost a Customer

I'm so used to writing about products, and letting my readers know when I've found a company that I like. Well tonight Pizza Pizza just lost a regular customer. I've never had such terrible customer service in my life... and I work customer service!

I had placed my order for delivery at 12:47AM and it's guaranteed to be delivered within 40 minutes or it's free. I called customer service at 1:30AM and they said something went wrong, and they will have my order sent out. It finally arrived at 2:30AM and I handed the driver his tip. He said that I had to pay, that I was only getting 15% off. I said that's wrong, I have the original receipt from online here.

He agreed that it should be free, but he had to call customer service to get it confirmed. The woman who came on the phone was a complete bitch. She said that it's my fault that the order didn't go through, that it wasn't her problem. That if I wanted pizza I had to pay. That they are not responsible if the web order went through or not! She actually was cutting me off and yelling at me. I was like wow... you're kidding me... I said you're about to loose a regular customer. She said that's fine!

So I gave the pizza back and that was it. Oh... and of course I couldn't forget to write up a nice document for head office. They seem to forget that everything is recorded, and I had already stated that I have the original receipt with the employee IDs on it. Since I work customer service I made a point of paying attention to the employee name and ID at the beginning of the call. I want that bitch fired.

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  1. Good for you. I would have been pissed too. People in customer service should always be pleasant!

  2. Wow. I wouldn't purchase from them either.

  3. Nicely handled. Glad I found this hopping around. I never know what to do for sure when customer service is horrible. Writing to head office is great. I'm new to having my own blog (not new to reading them) so give me a follow if you would be so kind. Thanks Kimberly.

  4. New follower from RASS. I think at some point "they" must have started changing the rules on customer service. I have had to deal with a number of incompetent, rude or nasty customer service reps... and I'm not one to chew out the person answering my call, having also worked customer service!
    I've only used online ordering (from several pizza places) to get the "free" first time pizza as I'm always afraid they'll be too busy to get around to my order or something will mess it up, lol.


  5. guess what girlio?! you ARE awesome! and your link is up under 'blog hops' i couldn't forget about my girls... i just still had a few pages i was/am still building!!! :) you get a button link linkie! cuz you's special! :)
    thanks for following!


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