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Friday 26 November 2010

Pain in the Ass Cat!

I love my cat, but sometimes I want to kick him out so I can get a good nights rest. This morning I wasn't in the mood for the meowing at 6am. Meow... meow, and climbs all over me purring away. What a cute cat, but send him flying onto the floor. You would think he would learn his lessen that I want to sleep, but no! 5 minutes later the fat, purring butterball turkey of a cat is bugging me again. If he only weighed 6Lbs it wouldn't be so bad, but he weighs 15Lbs!

Jingles... I love you, but let me sleep in when it's grey and cold outside. I was having such a good sleep when you landed on my lower abdomen, where I had my surgery. I really don't like when you use those cute paws to smack my cheeks to wake me up. I refuse to open my eyes... I want to sleep!

When I finally do get up, completely feeling like shit and so incredibly tired... I go pee and then come back to my room. Where do you think the fur-ball is? The beast is fast asleep on my bed! No friggin way... I will win this war with the fur-ball.  Dammit... he's staring at me purring right now... oh how I love my cat!

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  1. I have the female version of your cat. She has a very similar M.O. and starts in about 4 am! She continues to walk on me and meow until I get up. Then while I am in the restroom she lays down in the spot I just vacated. When I come back she is fast asleep and refuses to move. Ugh!!

  2. We kick our cat out at night. Otherwise, he wakes us up at 3 am to be let out. Following you from the weekend blog hop!

  3. Oh my gosh, thats a huge cat


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