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Tuesday 9 November 2010

More than a Fun, Easy Instrument: A Music Therapy Tool

No matter how tight state budgets become, no child should be left behind when it comes to learning music. Research supports music making as “education fuel” for excelling academically and socially, in addition to developing music proficiency.

Ukulele Musician Maker™ Kits are designed especially with music therapy in mind. Not just because of their kit donation program, but also their availability for purchase by students and practitioners as an invaluable tool across music therapy settings.

Here's Why:

•easy fretted acoustic instrument: easier to master than guitar yet offers similar multi-sensory and fine/gross motor skill engagement
•music versatility: serves a diverse set of treatment populations, abilities and protocols from simple open-string strumming to songwriting performance
•nylon strings and special felt picks: facilitate easier and longer instrument interaction vs. steel string guitar, e.g., patients with tender finger skin
•compact: easy for patient to hold standing or while in bed, chair, wheelchair
•durable and clean: fiberglass reinforced shell, polycarbonate fingerboard and frets provide ruggedness; surfaces clean easily before/after patient sessions
•fun and inviting: attractive ukulele designs, uplifting timbre and ease of play make them ideal program initiators for private and group participants
•portable: an easy travel system for mobile MT’s visiting multiple patient sites
•patient autonomy and control: unique features of the instrument, media and accessories integrate into a “bedside friendly” system that empowers self sufficiency (e.g., adolescent patients tuning their own instrument and mastering lessons independently)

** For every nine kits sold, a 10th kit is donated to a pediatric hospital music therapy program. Our kits offer a valuable therapeutic tool to music therapists and patient families.

I did not receive any compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary. Info taken directly from website.

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