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Sunday 14 November 2010

Monday Getting to Know Me!

Happy Monday! It's time for you to get to know me a little more...

PhotobucketIt's time to play:
My Monday question of the week... Where will you be celebrating Thanksgiving?
Well... I live in Canada, so I've already celebrated Thanksgiving. I went to my aunt's house for dinner, as my cousin was moving to the Virgin Islands and we wanted one last dinner before she left.

GiveawayBlogdomMy Admirer Monday question of the week...  there is none yet!
1. Do you eat Sushi?
2. What kind of bath soap do you use?
3. How often do you talk to your Mom?
4. What TV shows do you watch on a regular basis?
5. Did you start Christmas shopping yet?

1. I hate sushi. I don't understand how people like it... it's not like I'm gonna say "Mmm, I'm craving sushi"!
2. I always use Dove soap, as so many other products irritate my skin. I have sensitive skin.
3. I talk to my mommy every day. My mom is my best friend!
4. My TV shows: Big Brother (summer), LA Ink, Big Medicine, House, Glee, Survivor, Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, 90210, any CSI or Law and Order when I'm bored!
5. Yes... I've bought my mom's gift, a small gift for grandma... need one more, and stocking stuffer's for both mom and grandma.

Well there you have it... another Monday's of questions. I'll see you all next week! If you want to participate, just click on the buttons above for the codes and linky's.

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  1. Dropping by from Meet Me On Monday. :) I used to eat sushi, but I definitely NEVER craved it. Summer is Big Brother Time for me too. This past season was a riot.

    Have a great week!

  2. I like Dove soap best too!

    We watch Parenthood, Friday Night Lights, Survivor, Biggest Loser, Undercover Boss and FOOTBALL!

    Haven't started Christmas shopping yet, have birthdays first. We usually do our Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

    Didn't get my Meet Me On Monday Up this week but still like to visit others.

  3. I love the VD as well! Team Stefan or Team Damon? haha I also use dove as well! Add on my issues with anxiety I think we're two peas in a pod lol Hope you're doing well! Happy Monday!

    My Answers <3

  4. You and I share the same TV tastes & are bff's with our moms.... Cool!


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