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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Wednesday's Naughty List!

Life As I See It

Time to strut your naughtiness ladies and gents!
1. Have you ever walked in on a family member in a sexual moment?
2. Have you ever lied to a significant other?
3. Have you ever done the deed with your child (or someone else who was oblivious) in the same room?
4. Have you ever not tipped a service person (IE manicurist, waiter, caddy, valet, stripper) for a really stupid reason? (IE Too broke to tip, didn't like how they said hello)
5. Have you ever used your womanly body parts to get you something, or get you out of something?

1. Never!
2. Yes... a few times. Sometimes a girl just needs a little TLC on her own.
3. Yes... with my mom and grandmother in the next room when I lived at home. Can't believe I never got caught... grandma was famous for swinging the door open without knocking!
4. Yes... if I'm not happy with the service, then I wont tip. If they deserve a tip, I will tip good.
5. Yes... drinks, homework... etc. I used to be a major flirt back in the day. I think married life and then a divorce turned me into an old lady!

Also/or... List 3 naughty things you've done...
How naughty am I?
Well take a look!

1. I love my spicey boy... my sexy Mr Kama Sutra... tried a new position the other day... and damn did he make me scream!
2. I lied to my group therapy case worker and said that I had an appointment and had to leave early. I was just tired and wanted to come home and sleep.
3. I like sending sexy love messages to my cutie while he's working to try and distract him.

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  1. oohh now i'm reminded of my high school days of doing it in my parents house!! lol

  2. I need more info on number one!

  3. I agree with MissC more info on number 1 please.

  4. Great blog! I found you on the green blog hop and now follow you on GFC. Hope you do the same :)


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