Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday's Naughty List- Hospital Edition!

Life As I See It

Time to strut your naughtiness ladies and gents!
How naughty am I?
Well take a look!

Today's Naughty List will be different for me since this is a pre-written post. As most of you already know I'm currently in the hospital, since I had surgery on Monday. If you didn't know... I had a massive tumor on my right ovary. The surgery is to remove my right ovary as well as the right fallopian tube.

Anyway... it's time for my HOSPITAL Naughtiness post! I'm naughty this week because I'm probably currently stoned out of my mind on pain killers. Maybe I'm currently drooling on myself or snoring away! Hopefully by now I'm peeing on my own without any tube stuck in me.

Hmmm... or maybe I need some hot sexy male nurse to assist me to the washroom. I'm picturing it right now... a Johnny Depp look a like, and he's topless. Okay, who am I kidding... if I had a hot male nerse, I'd probably be stuck on the toilet shitting! I'm never that lucky! At least I have my cutie that will come visit me... I can picture him naked on my bed side!

Anyway, hope you all have a Happy Naughty Wednesday! I'll see you all next week for my regular Naughty List!

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