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Friday 15 October 2010

Happy Weekend

What a crazy week and a tiring day. I've been busy all day trying to get some reviews published, and guest posts set up to post next week while I'm in the hospital. I'm tired and want to take a break, but I'm afraid I will sleep the rest of the night if I lay down. I only  have part of tomorrow to get stuff done, as I'm going to church tomorrow in the evening and then out to dinner with my family.  I don't really want to leave anything until Sunday... I want to only relax.

Right now I feel like I can't relax. If I relax I might forget something... and I don't want that to happen. I had to put a post-it note on my desk, with a list of what I have to do. I have most of my stuff done, so that is good. Have a great weekend everyone... I will be a little busy and wont be able to post until Sunday night.

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