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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My Wednesday's Naughty List

Life As I See It

Time to strut your naughtiness ladies and gents!
List 3 naughty things you've done...
You know you want to!
How naughty am I?
Well take a look!

My 3 Naughty Deeds of the Week:

1. I spazzed at the lady who was taking blood for my cancer test. This woman couldn't find a vein, and was rotating the damn needle around looking for blood. My arm is now killing me all the way up to my shoulder... I accidentally kicked her and said "Jesus Christ" when she was doing it.
2. I went to group therapy yesterday, and I ended up leaving early. I've only been in the group therapy now for three weeks, yet I've missed last Friday and left half way through yesterday. I can't control it right now though since my period is hemeraging.
3. I recently wrote a review on Eden Fantasys for a product that will be releasing shortly: Party Time Candy Man. I had forgotten that I had the package on my bookshelf by the front door. My mother drove me to group therapy yesterday, and instead of going home and then driving all the way across the city again, she went back to my place. Once she picked me up from the hospital and was driving me home, she started teasing me about the little mens underwear! They are quite sexy and revealing! Damn I can't wait to see my man wearing them!

product picture
Costume by California Exotic
Material: Polyester

And your 5 naughty questions:
1. When did you first realize you had a naughty streak?
2. Have you ever stolen anything? What? why?
3. Have you ever cheated at anything?
4. Your most used position for sex?
5. One place or thing that's in your fantasies but rarely or never in your sex life.

My Answers:
1. I started being naughty towards the end of highschool! Sorry mom for being such a pain in the ass then.
2. Yes... when I was in highschool I stole a skirt from Sears. Why? I was a brat and I'm surprised that I didn't get caught.
3. I once got caught cheating on a test in highschool.
4. Hmmm... would have to be missionary position. My babe is always so romantic and loves kissing. Plus I love my Sex Sling!

product picture
$34.49Sex sling
Sling by Sportsheets
Material: Faux fur

5. I have a fantasy of making love on the beach. I've had opportunities in the past, but always chickened out since people were fairly close.

Now go link up and share your naughtiness!
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  1. Sex on the beach is so dam hot!!! Try it next time you get the chance! You won't regret it!

  2. Hi, I found you via wobble wednesday :) I'm now following your blog, I hope you can come visit me too I was first on the list so couldn't follow those in front of me so working backwards instead lol


  3. I really wish that I could go for group therapy but we have none in our area. Do you find it helpful? Awkward?
    Still sending you positive vibes!
    PS- you are naughty with your sex swing!

  4. I <3 the sex swing i think ill buy my husband one for our anniversary!

  5. Hey :)
    I am following from Wobble Over Wednesday ..

  6. my hubby so wants a sex swing but i want a stripper pole. choices are so hard to make. lmao

    hate HATE giving blood getting shots. my veins are hare to find but no one believes me. one time i was going into surgery this lady had no idea what she was fuckin doing and ended up getting blood all over the place, thank goodness they gave me some good drugs after. shit this is long . new follower


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