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Saturday 4 September 2010

Disappointed in Myself

I am so disappointed in myself this morning. Yesterday I cooked and made plenty of food for the week. The first item on the list was home made vegetarian spaghetti, with spinach and chickpeas. I cooked the noodles and packaged them in individual serving containers, and placed them in the freezer. That was no problem, but then I made vegetarian stuffed green peppers. There were 5 in total, and last night I ate 3. I should have froze the leftover peppers, but dammit I went on a binge. Even though they are filled with healthy ingredients, it's still over eating.

Yesterday before my binge I was 271lbs, and now after I'm 274lbs. I am very disappointed and feel disgusted with myself. I have changed my eating style to healthier, but now I have to focus on portion size and less snacking. I am so blessed that I'm even considered for the gastric bypass... I pray it all works out well. I've gone vegetarian and eating healthier, and already I feel better then before.

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    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. baby are awesome regardless!

  3. I agree with Dawn, baby steps. You're doing great, at least it wasn't a whole package of Oreo's like I'd do.

  4. i'm actually going to see a surgeon about gastric bypass later this month.
    i hate when i binge, too. i feel so awful when i'm stuffed. my problem now is that i eat all the wrong things. maybe i should try vegetarian, too. but i sooooo love my chocolate!!


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