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Friday 17 September 2010

5 Reasons Why Bariatric Surgery is Not an Easy Way to Loose Weight

Patients who undergo weight loss surgery must know that exercise is integral to its success even after surgery, there are diet restrictions to be followed, they are at a risk of nutritional deficiency, dumping syndrome, anastomotic leaks and ulcers are common.

Weight loss surgery is becoming a popular option for people who are suffering from severe obesity. Every year, in the United States alone, thousands of people undergo this medical procedure. Extremely overweight people prefer weight loss surgery Las Vegas  over any method for a number of reasons. One of the more common reasons would be the fact that the weight loss results of Bariatric surgery are achieved much faster compared to dieting or exercise alone, and it offers a solution to a number of weight-related conditions like high cholesterol and diabetes. However, it is a misconception to believe that Bariatric surgery is a quick fix and an easy solution to one’s weight problems. There are a number of things you should know about the procedure.

Exercise is integral even after surgery
Exercise has always been recommended as a way to solve weight problems. Even after surgery, it is recommended that patients include regular exercise in their lifestyle. Patients who include half an hour of exercise in their daily routine have been observed to lose weight much faster.

Diet restrictions to be followed
Because weight loss surgery typically involves reducing the capacity of your stomach or small intestine to hold food, it is important that you conform to prescribed diet restrictions and control your eating habits. Patients must monitor their food intake because overeating might cause side effects such as vomiting and nausea.

Risk of nutritional deficiency
As a result of limiting one’s food intake, nutritional deficiency of patients is prone to happen. Oftentimes patients are required to include nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals in their diet to compensate for the nutrients missing or lacking in their restricted diet.

Risk of dumping syndrome
Patients are also prone to dumping syndrome after surgery. This health condition commonly occurs as a result of patients consuming a large meal. The food is passed rapidly from the stomach to the small intestine and, as a result, the patient suffers nausea, chills, palpitation, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms. To avoid this, patients must stick to their diet and avoid over-eating.

Anastomotic leaks and ulcers are also common after weight loss surgery. An anastomosis is the surgical connection made between the stomach and bowel or two parts of the bowel. Surgeons rely on the body’s natural healing capacity to heal the wounds caused by the operation. Unfortunately, 2% of gastric bypass proceduress, one type of weight loss surgery, result in anastomotic leaks. Leaks occur when the body is incapable of healing its bowel walls after the surgery. On the other hand, anastomotic ulcers can also occur due to a number of reasons, including the use of certain anti-inflammatory drugs, smoking and anastomosis tension. Anastomotic ulcers have been observed to occur in about 1-16% cases.

Despite the risks and dramatic lifestyle changes involved in weight loss surgery, people suffering from severe obesity must not turn away completely from what may otherwise be a life-saving treatment. Weight loss surgery may not be a miracle procedure, but it has its own set of benefits and solutions to weight problems that cannot be easily remedied by dieting and exercise alone.

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  1. Have you seen the newest weight loss surgery? Surgeons sew a patch onto your tongue so you will not have the urge to eat...seems a little drastic to me.

  2. I've know two friends who had this surgery. One has kept her weight off and doing great.
    The surgery gave her the opportunity to change her life and she dedicated herself to try and live healthier.
    The other one continued her bad eating habits and has gained the weight back. I think she would have benefited if she had educated herself on nutritional programs and gotten helped changing her mindset before the surgery to establish a game plan.


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