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Thursday 2 September 2010

3 Ways Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps You Effectively Lose Weight

A gastric bypass surgery is a process by which your stomach size is reduced to help you lose weight. It particularly lessens your caloric intake, reduces calories absorbed by your body, and reduces your appetite.
Weight loss surgeries, including gastric bypass surgery, have become controversial these days for their slimming effects. What does gastric bypass surgery really do to make you slim? Here are different ways by which the surgery results in weight loss for many individuals:

It lessens your caloric intake
There are three different types of gastric bypass surgery involving different procedures. First, your stomach may be cut to form a small pouch in the upper portion, which is connected directly to the lower part of your small intestine, or the jejunum. This surgery is more commonly known as Roux-en-Y Stomach Surgery. The second procedure involves the lower part of your stomach to be removed, leaving the upper small pouch connected to the upper part of your small intestine. The final type is called mini gastric bypass surgery. It is a laparoscopic surgery that seals your stomach and forms a vertical tube that narrows down your stomach size.
All these gastric bypass surgery types result in lower calorie intake as you get easily full with your smaller-sized stomach. The amount of solids and liquids you can take will be very limited causing you to lower your caloric intake which results in weight loss.

It reduces absorbed calories
With Roux-en-Y Stomach Surgery, the food you take goes directly from your stomach to your duodenum, or the lower part of your intestine. It bypasses your jejunum where most of the fat and calorie absorption takes place, resulting in reduced body fat.

It reduces your appetite
Many studies and researches have concluded that aside from reduced calorie intake and absorption, gastric bypass surgeries have also resulted in the decrease of one’s appetite. The production of ghrelin, which is the hormone responsible for your drive to eat, has been observed to decrease after gastric bypass surgeries, causing great weight loss among obese individuals.

Despite the controversial side effects of gastric bypass surgery, this type of weight loss surgery has become increasingly popular with more satisfied patients and more skilled surgeons specializing in such service. Many doctors have been continuously promoting this type of surgery, as it was also studied to decrease the risk of different cancers linked to obesity. Awareness seminars and talks have been conducted all throughout the US. St. Rose Hospital and Dr. Rutledge, a Las Vegas gastric bypass surgery specialist, have even agreed to conduct out-patient mini gastric bypass surgeries in Las Vegas. Reviews and blogs, such as best weight loss surgery blog, are widely available on the Internet for public knowledge.

Before you go through any weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass surgery, it is very important that you know and understand the very nature and the benefits, as well as the risks and consequences of undergoing such surgery. You need to learn how it can help you or how it may break you so you can make the best decision for your health and your body.

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  1. I know many who have had great success with this surgery and a few how have not learned a thing and gained back a ton of weight. I also have a friend who had the LAP Band put on and has also had great success.

  2. I'm glad you posted this. I need to look into it for my son.

  3. Interesting post!
    Found you on Friendly Friday

  4. A friend of mine(pre-divorce) had this surgery and she had great success. It was slow and steady loss. As far as I know she's kept it off too.


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