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Saturday 14 August 2010

Oops... I Must Be Losing My Mind!

Okay... I don't know where my brain is tonight. I just saw someone post a Sunday blog hop... and I was like holy shit, it's Sunday and I didn't even know it. Well... then once I posted my Sunday Blog Hop, I was like "what the fuck... why does my blog say it's Saturday"? I'm a friggin dumbass... it's still Saturday!

Has anyone else ever done something stupid like this? Ever thought that it was the next day? I did take a long nap this afternoon, so that's probably why I fucked up! I feel like an idiot!

To the people who are clicking to visit the Sunday blog hops already... I'm sorry! Once the other people make their posts, they will be up and running... probably close to midnight!

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  1. No worries. :-) Hey, in some places on the globe it already is Sunday, right? :-)

  2. I'm like that sometimes. I'm not oriented to date and time because my night shift schedule fucks up my brain. So sometimes, I'd think it's the next day but no, it's the same day, I just fell asleep. :)

  3. It's almost Monday here and I only did my Sunday Bloghop entry about 15 minutes ago (with about 30 minutes to spare)!

  4. Thanks for following my blog - I'm following you back!

  5. Thanks everyone for commenting... now I dont' feel as bad about messin up! Happy Weekend.
    All the best,

  6. I like the picture you have with this post. Sometimes it's just hard to keep days straight, they go so fast! These blog hops add to my stress. I go to bed at night thinking, now what blog hop do I have to link up to tomorrow? It's crazy. I think I'm going to cut back.

    Stopping by from the no-go-blog hop.

  7. I get so confused with all the different time zones (although a whole day i way more than a time zone issue!)


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