Monday, 30 August 2010

My Weekend!

The last couple days I've been at my mom's house, so I've been lacking in my blogging posts. I usually go there when I have an appointment the next day, and she usually takes me. Even though I've been feeling much better then before, I still have anxiety issues. I still don't like going anywhere on my own, and I have to try to overcome that.

I went to mom's Saturday evening. I had decided to bake cream cheese squares for Sunday, so I wanted my mom's help. I'm a terrible baker... don't know why I always burn everything. I can cook, but can't bake. So I talked her into picking me up... thanks mommy! We watched our favourite Big Brother, and then afterwards got baking. Why was I baking you may ask? Well, I was planning on visiting my boyfriends mom since her birthday was during the week.

Sunday was a great day. Once again I was able to talk my mom into driving me to his house... but she wasn't impressed at the amount of time it took to get there. His mom greeted me with a smile and a kiss and of course she wanted to feed me! I don't think I've ever gone to his place without eating... not that that's a bad thing. I love indian food... it's a pure laxative!

After lunch we sat and talked. She gave me some indian clothes and jewellery, that she brought back from her trip to India. I must have lost a few inches around my waist since before she left, because they were actually big! I actually went from 300lbs to 274lbs... I'm quite proud of myself. Anyway, she went to the temple and then him and I went for a walk. Yes... I  was actually able to walk with no problem, and it was all up hill. After that I jumped on the bus and my mom met me at the end of my street. My anxiety level at that time was incredible, but I made such a big step toward my recovery.

I ended up going back to mom's place for the night since Monday (today) I had an appointment. I saw the surgeon that would be doing my surgery this morning. He was very plesant and said that I would be a perfect candidate for it. I was happy to hear that... now the next test is to see what the dietician says. I have the appointment with her on September 22nd, and he told me to give him a call after that to set up an appointment to talk about a surgery date. He said it could take a few weeks, to a few months to get a surgery date. Oh I'm so excited! I sure hope it's more like a few weeks because I don't know what I'd tell work if I was already back. I'm still on the disability right now and it would be perfect time to have the surgery. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it all goes my way!

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  1. First Congrats!! that is a wonderful accomplishment .. you should be very proud of your self. I have a friend who after trying everything and i mean everything... opted for the surgery - this was at the beginning of the year... Now hefeels better and more like himself ... its great to see his confidence back!! Wishing you all the best ... fingers crossed that all goes I you want it to..HHL

  2. wow you are brave to post your actual weight. Not many girls would do that. Do you have any cream cheese squares left over?

  3. Congrats..and cream cheese squares sound fantastic!

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