Friday, 20 August 2010

My Friday Bitching!

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One Crazy Brunette Chick

You know what time it is? It's Fawk You Friday, Fucked Up Friday and Friday Flip-offs! This is a good time to vent on this weeks shit! (It's okay to say it-it's not a bad word!) To whom/what would you like to say Fawk You to today?

Okay, for starters Fucked Up Fridays has now changed to Blog Stalk Friday... fuckin hell I gotta change everything! CB's blog looks awesome since she's given herself a makeover... now what chick doesn't like a makeover?!! Check out her new button above... you can grab the code from her blog.

Now for the real complaining! Hmmm... really all I have to say is a fawk you to myself! I fucked up royally when I scheduling my next appointments with my psychiatrist and my new family doctor. I didn't realise that I had to be 30 minutes early for my gastric bypass class. I have that at 1pm on Tuesday, but I had scheduled my psychiatrist for 12pm-12:30pm.... ummm... I guess I had a brain fart there. Actually, for the first time in a long time, my week was pretty good. Don't let this fool  you... I'm sure by the end of today I'll have something to swear about!

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  1. I have to Flip off myself all the time, I am always doing things like that, I don't know if it's mommy brain or my absentmindness! lol! Anyway...Have a good one! I love the title to your blog by the way! It makes me laugh because I say that all the time...who? my big fat ass! lol!

  2. You know, I never thought of actually flipping myself off... but I think it's an awesome idea. Funny, funny. =)

  3. Love it!
    You mean I don't have to just think it in my head anymore:)

  4. I've flipped myself off before. I still blame it on baby brain but I don't think I'll be able to get away with that for much longer!

  5. It brings a whole new meaning to go fawk yourself! ;)

    I'm horrible with scheduling...I'd make you look quite professional!

    Thanks for linking up sugar!

  6. This is a fucked up Friday cause we were having an awesome week in Maine, but had to come home today to go to a wedding tomorrow. We coulda stayed until Saturday...oh well.

    Love your title/blog. Glad I found you- through the PRP I think! New follower here. Stop by Moms Own Words sometime.

  7. I hate booking appointments so close together like that. Hopefully they are close together though!!

  8. Hey girl, thanks for visiting my blog and following. I consider it a great week when I only have myself to tell to fuck off because that means the jackasses I encounter that piss me off were on their best behavior that week. Great blog, I'll be back.

  9. Hope the rest of your weekend went well! :)


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