Monday, 2 August 2010

I haven't been feeling that great the last week. Just in case you haven't read my past post about my PCOS acting up, well I might as well share with you that I'm flowing like crazy. Great topic eh?  Why not let the whole world know about it!

I woke up this morning with my  upper thighs covered in blood. Now I've had crazy bleeding before in the past, but never to the extent it is today. I panicked and called my mom and grandma. It's a holiday here in Canada and I really didn't want to go to the hospital. I decided I will hold out until tomorrow and call my gyno... this is nuts having it this long and heavy.

In the last week I also haven't been as hungry as usual. Hmmm... this is not normal behaviour for myself. Normally on antidepressants I get increased hunger and gain weight. I stepped on the scale after having my panic fit over the blood......... and magically I have dropped 20Lbs. Embarrassed to admit it, but a week ago I was 300Lbs, and today when I stepped on the scale it was at 280Lbs. Still too much... but wow!

Right now I am craving pizza and I'm trying to control that craving... damn the TV that flashed pizza. I swear the media purposely flashes junk food at us to make us fat. I must be strong.... I must continue the weight loss.

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  1. Sorry it's been so difficult, but I congratulate you on losing 20 pounds. That's sometimes a nice benefit (perhaps the only one) to feeling lousy.
    Keep faith,


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