Thursday, 26 August 2010

Gastric Bypass Class

I didn't really get a chance to update my readers on how the gastric bypass class went. It was for about 3 hours, and it gave a better idea of how life would be like after the surgery. I'm getting excited, and have already started preparing myself for surgery... even though I don't have a date yet. The stats say that 1 in 200 people die, so I have to make sure I'm in my best health for it.

So things I'm starting to work at:

1. Focus on sipping my beverage instead of gulping
2. Eat slowly and chew properly
3. Weigh everything on my kitchen scale before eating
4. Make note of everything I eat: SocialSpark Food Journal

I'll keep you all posted on my progress... you can always click on my Weight Loss Tab to see how I'm doing!

Monday I meet with the surgeon... I can't wait. I am trying to figure out what questions to ask... hmmm, there's so many! Wish me luck!

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