Thursday, 5 August 2010

Healthy Summertime BBQ Tips

Summertime barbeque’s are often loaded with mystery side salads and fatty cuts of beef. To avoid gaining back all the weight you lost right before you had to put on the bikini, follow these bbq rules.

1. Beware of Ketchup and other condiments containing high fructose corn syrup.
Buy Ketchup that is labels organic. Make sure to read the ingredients to be sure it is not made with HFCS. The chemical often added to soft drinks, cookies, and cereal is also a major ingredient for some favorite condiments, including Heinz Ketchup. Heinz Ketchup has recently changed their recipe to make it all natural and pure... no longer made with HFCS.

2. Instead of having a burger made with beef, try a bison or veggie burger
Burgers are like a mystery meat. No one really knows where it came from and how much fat it contains. Stay smart by trying a bison burger. It’s lower in fat and typically farmed on a small ranch so you know it’s been grass fed and treated well. Not an option? A veggie a burger is always a safe bet. Try Veggie Patch’s Garlic Portabello Mushroom Burger for a meatier patty that tastes great! You will save yourself at least 100 calories.

3. Don’t sabotage your meat with processed white buns!
If you are hosting the BBQ, opt for 100% whole wheat buns. Know a guest who need gluten-free options? Indulge them in Ezekial sprouted grain hamburger buns for a gluten-free, option with added protein. Lastly, go bunless with two slices of iceburg lettuce. If none of the above are options, try eating one half of the bun, or scoop it out like a bagel.

4. Spice up grilled chicken or fish without piling on calories!
BBQ sauce can be loaded with sugar. Choose a brand like Mrs Renfro’s that has only 35 calories per 2 tablespoons. Better yet, check out their variety of fruit salsa’s to top freshly grilled fish. Another option? Try a chutney for a sweater glaze that requires no marinade sitting time. Try School House Kitchen’s Bardshar Chutney for a versatile BBQ companion.

5. Skip the mayo drenched salad, and try some grilled veggies!
Macaroni salad, potato salad, and pasta salad are usually a mystery to all guests except the one who made the dish. Avoid the danger and stick to some grilled veggies or corn. If you are allowed to bring a side, enlighten your guests by bringing a healthier version of one of the above. Typically one cup of potato salad has over 300 calories.

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