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Monday 5 July 2010

Reached Over 100 Viewers!

I would like to direct your attention to the right side of my blog...

I'm proud to announce that I've reached over 100 readers! So far I have 130.

I am thrilled... beyond thrilled that you guys read something in my blog, and decided I was redeemable enough to come back again and again. Which really warms my heart, but also worries me just a tad. I am sure if you asked an expert in mental studies they would advise against encouraging a mentally unstable person such as myself!

Much as you would a naughty kittie, insane behavior should be ignored and the kittie/insane person in question... longing for your attention, will act accordingly exhibiting proper behavior patterns. So with positive reinforcement, I won't poop on your blog when I visit a post of yours. (but I have pee'd on a few blogs to mark my territory, I couldn't help it... they are soooo damn good!!)

But against all professional advice... you have given me enough reason to trudge on with my weary struggles in a world not yet ready for my brand of humor. And I want to thank you!!
'Cause you didn't have to love me...but you did... and I thank you!

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