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Friday, 30 July 2010

Fawk You Friday & Fucked Up Friday

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You know what time it is? It's Fawk You Friday and Fucked Up Friday! This is a good time to vent on this weeks shit! (It's okay to say it-it's not a bad word!) To whom/what would you like to say Fawk You to today?
I'm glad it's Friday because that means I get to swear and not feel bad about it! I feel so fuckin crappy right now, and my cat wont stop meowing. Grrrr to Jingles... I'm not in the mood.

My PCOS is acting up and I'm flowing like crazy. I have terrible cramps and absolutely no energy. I seriously feel like I've been hit by a tone of bricks. I can't really go anywhere... feel like I might have an accident and bleed to death through my jean Capri's. Does anyone else notice if their cat clings to them while they're menstruating? Jingles is glued to me and wont leave me alone... he only gets like this during that time of the month.

I was at mom and grandma's again last night. I've been spending a lot of time there the last little while. I'm trying to be a little more social then before, but I still find it incredibly hard. I find myself this morning wanting to full my eyes and hair out cause they were annoying the hell out of me. I couldn't help it... I was getting so irritated. I love them... but need a breather. Maybe I'm just miserable today and need to sleep it off. Yes, that is it... I'm a miserable bitch today... flowing like crazy... need everyone to get the fuck away and let me sleep!

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  1. Oh I'm SO glad I talked my doctor into taking all that out of me. I was sick to death of it all! Sorry :(

  2. U had surgery? I am getting quite sick of it... go four months nothin... and then when I do finally get it, I'm in hell.

  3. My heart totally goes out to you...we can put men on the moon but can't come up for treatments for things of this nature...fawk you pcos!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. I suffer the same thing! And PCOS is a biatch!

    The cat clings to you because he/she thinks you're bleeding to death and it's gonna eat you once you're gone ;)


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