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Wednesday 30 June 2010

Think I Need Sleep!

So I went to a site and wanted to make a comment on a post. Innocently I share my wit and await my fate of recognizing computer generated letters... at an angle - jumbled for my viewing pleasure.

It is 6 AM and it is cool here in Toronto. I don't think I signed up for this blatant disrespect of warm climate (if I were seductively snuggling someone it would be OK... alone... it's like watching paid programming... you have no freaking choice if you're up at 3AM!!).

My randomly chosen letters pop up. They look suspiciously like the word "WHORE". I am slightly offended and look around and up to the Computer Gods in a questioning manner. "REALLY??? WHAT THE FAWK!!!" These are MY selected letters at 6 AM on a Wednesday morning, while I am wearing my black kittie night shirt, and thinking about saving the world one dwarf at a time!

I typed "WHORE" begrudgingly and awaited access that was denied for improper letter deciphering. I thought "GREAT... now even the Computer Gods know the error of their ways, and that I have not had dealings since 1902!!!"


...It's gonna be a long day!!!!

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