Sunday, 6 June 2010

How Diabeties Changed My Life and Could Yours

I came across the blog Hollywood Chic: Lavish Tastes on a Frugal Budget for the Glamour Girl in All of Us, and one of her posts caught my eye... I just had to link & include her post in my blog. Her post really touched my heart and I wanted to share it with everyone, as it has important information.

Included below is the first paragraph from her post, which has been given permission to be published on my blog.

How Diabetes Changed My Life and Could Yours

Two months prior my heart broke when I discovered that my canine-child, Ruby, had went blind overnight; without warning signs, she hopped into my bed visually seeing her surroundings yet awoke to open her darling eyes to pitch black blindness. Tests revealed that Ruby suffered a very intensive sudden onset of diabetic keatoneacidosis and that there was nothing we could have done prior to help her; her glucose tested over 1,000 where as canine normal is between 80 and 100 -- like humans. The last two months had been that of heartbreak as I attempt to cope with the fact my baby is blind, most time blaming myself and feeling there should have been something I could have or should have done for her; regardless of my self-hatred the vet claims with such sudden onset I couldn’t have saved my beloved girl’s vision.

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