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Monday, 28 June 2010

Ellen's Show Where she Features Animal Fascility

Below is a clip from one of her shows, where she talks with someone who works at a dog fascility. At the end she promotes her pet food "Halo", in which she donated $10,000 worth to the Dogtown fascility.

I buy "Halo" for my cat, and I wouldn't feed him anything else now. The #1 ingredient you will notice is meat... only good whole meat... no chicken meal or other nasty ingredients. Every ingredient on the bag is understandable. I wouldn't want to feed him anything that I wouldn't eat.
If you're an animal lover, you gotta try Halo... check your local stores.

NO THIS IS NOT A PAID POST... THIS IS JUST MY OPINION. When I find something I strongly like, I like to share it with everyone!

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