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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Statement from Toronto Humane Society President Bob Hambley Regarding OSPCA Euthanasia of 100 Animals

“The Toronto Humane Society is deeply disappointed that the Ontario SPCA has killed almost 100 animals and it took three days of vehement protests from animal welfare advocates to stop their plan to euthanize all 350 animals in their shelter.

Ringworm is a treatable fungal skin infection and should never be the sole reason for euthanizing an animal.

Despite the Ontario SPCA’s pledge to conduct an internal investigation we believe that an external investigation is needed to reassure the public that all the facts come out and that this situation will never arise again. Some of the outstanding questions we all need and deserve answers to are:

-Which veterinarians inspected the animals and recommended the mass euthanasia
-Which outside experts did they consult with prior to deciding to euthanize these animals
-What is the name of this new virulent strain or ringworm and where was the testing done that identified it as a new virulent strain
-Those responsible for making these decisions need to be held to account and explain themselves and the reasoning for their actions.

The Toronto Humane Society has offered to send staff and resources to the Ontario SPCA Newmarket location to assist them in treating the animals. We are eager to help these animals and make them suitable for adoption.

The Ontario SPCA did euthanize almost 100 animals for ringworm. This, in our view, is not an acceptable animal care practice.

The Ontario SPCA has failed to protect animals in this case by allowing a ringworm outbreak to run rampant in their shelter and their responding euthanasia of many of these animals.”

Bob Hambley
Toronto Humane Society

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