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Thursday 27 May 2010

I'm Too Hot

I am not a happy camper. Today while I was blogging my air conditioner started making popping popcorn noises, and then all of a sudden a big bang. Dammit... my air conditioner died and I'm not roasting in my apartment. It's currently 30*C outside, along with the humidity... it feels like 35*C. I think I am currently melting pounds off my body. No really... I swear I'm melting off weight. I am sweating in places I don't think I've ever really sweated before. Grrrr!

I asked my grandmother if she wanted to donate to my air conditioning fund... she said okay! So first thing tomorrow when I wake up, I'm heading to Canadian Tire to buy one! Wish me luck that they will have one thats cheap, at least 10000 BTU, and actually in stock. Until then... sweating the pounds!

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