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Monday 24 May 2010

Holiday... Victoria Day!

It's Victoria Day and I'm at home doing nothing! It's sunny and 27*C... little too hot for me since it's humid as well... yuck! Nothing worse then being out in hot,sticky weather and having your face melt off! The extra pounds that I have on this year I really feel it in this weather. I know, I haven't really done much about it. I've lost ten pounds since I've been sick, so that's a start. I find that it gets harder and harder now to lose weight. Years ago it used to just melt off so quickly... now that I'm older it feels like it's almost impossible for it to come off.

It's been at least six months now that my Dr. sent a referral to the surgeon for gastric bypass surgery. It really annoys me that they can't even call me to set up a Dr visit yet... there's a major waiting list. I have to wait a year just to get a damn consultation, and then 18 months before I even see an operating room. By that time if I'm not careful I will be 300Lbs. I'm almost there now... no, I won't let it.

Dear God,
Please don't let me reach 300Lbs... I am slowly killing myself. Please give me the strength to lose the weight and be strong.

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  1. I really need to do something about my weight too, if you have any ideas please share. I know the whole diet buddy thing is a little cheezy, but if you think it might be a good idea for both of us I am all for it


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