Sunday, 23 May 2010

Can't Sleep Again!

Once again I'm not able to sleep. Vivek is over and is fast asleep... I'm jealous he was able to pass out so quickly. Each time I lay down I find myself coughing... I can't seem to get rid of this cough. I came outside to the livingroom so that I wouldn't wake him up.

We stayed in and watched a movie on the boob tube... nothing too exciting. He's been waiting to hear from his mom... she left for India yesterday evening. Vivek seems to be so sad... this is the first time that he's away from her for so long. She will be gone for two months... wish I was going on a vacation for two months! I would be too scared to fly that far, especially with my condition that I have. I wouldn't want to end up sick in another country.

Summer is on it's way... it's the first long weekend of the summer season! The weather for the coming week is showing hot and humid... just what I hate. I don't like the humidity... body feels so sticky and warm, sweating all over... I hate the sweat dripping down my face it's embarassing. So much for losing weight before the hot weather! I get scared when there's extreme heat... reminds me of last years tornado.

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