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Monday 8 March 2010

The last few days I've been feeling a little down... why? I'm not too sure. There really isn't any reason that I feel this way... just do. I just feel so alone... I dunno. It's a nice day outside... sunny, yet I really don't care. The Oscars were on last night, but I really didn't care either. I am heavily medicated on anxiety/depression meds, but I still don't feel normal. I feel like I'm trapped in my body and my body isn't mine. Does that make sense? Does anyone else know what I mean?
I haven't been sleeping properly either. I've been having the craziest dreams... they seem so real... and they're scary... my worst nightmares. Then when I wake I don't feel rested at all... I feel like a walking corpse... like this shadow follows me. I want to feel normal again... I want a life.

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